Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday - day whatever

Still relishing this nice cold glass of water I'm drinking like a normal person.  Just don't want this week to go by too fast, because I know that by noon on Monday I'm back to the warm stuff for a week :(  But at least now I'm sure it's only a week.

Monday morning I get my second chemo treatment.  Although I've been at that place so many times already...I'm really lucky to have them for my care.  They are an excellent, warm caring group of people.  Cathy my onc nurse is awesome.  And she is so smart.  My Oncologist talks to me every time I go in.  He was in the hall the other day and stopped and talked with me. Listened to everything I had to say, and never made me feel like I was interrupting him or anything.  At that moment he let me know that I was the only thing important.  That's an awesome feeling to get from your doctor.  So far I would highly recommend this practice to anyone with cancer.  They are great.