Friday, October 10, 2008

Chemo Day 5

Ok, I really have to quit feeling sorry for myself. So I can't drink anything cold. HAve a feeling there are a whole lot of people out there that can't and don't think it's a big deal. It could be so much worse. I have no nausea from the chemo, the shot to build up my white blood cells didn't make my bones ache, I have the greatest support system in the world, and here I sit whining because I can't drink a glass of iced tea. But for those of you that can, try to go a day without something cold to drink. Do you know how nasty warm diet pepsi is???? And I'm sorry, but I can only drink so many cups of tea. I can deal with not being able to touch things in the freezer. That's easy. Put on a pair of gloves and deal with it. Can't do that for the back of my throat. The good news is people that have been through this says it will go away by the 6th or 7th day so I will have a week of cold drinks before I'm back to warm for the next week.

I also read that Alpha-lipoic Acid should help so I found some at Earth Fare today and will see if that helps at all. I figure I'll take it for a week before my next chemo, so just maybe it won't be so bad with the next round. Can't hurt to try. Right now there is a big study being done to see if this helps with the chemo neuropathy. So I'll just do my own study.

Weekend is almost here. Mark is taking me to the South Carolina State Fair tomorrow. Sunday is my birthday. I think we're going to go out to eat at Firebird's for my birthday Monday night because it's half price wine day. And by then I should be able to drink a bottle of cold white wine! Woohoo!!!

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