Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, this day is finally here. I have my bag packed and have to be at the oncologist's office at 9:45. Went to the outlet mall and found a pretty pillow and lightweight fleece blanket to take with me. Paid all of $5 for the pillow and $4 for the blanket! I did splurge and bought a bed table for $11 so that I have something to do my cross stitch on while I'm tied to a chair for 5 hours. If at all possible I will update you all later today and let you know how I'm feeling.
This is my new pillow and blanket for chemo.This is my doggie Sassy - otherwise known as psycho dog guarding them!


  1. OOO goodie! You will be all comfy and cozy! way cool!

    So, what pattern are you working on with the cross stitching?

    I've got a quilt block sampler that I have for the hospital trips.I'm going to make a pillow out of it =) or perhaps a little mini throw type thing for the back of my chair. What do ya think?

    Hope everything went well for you hon... said a prayer for you.