Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Chemo date

Just found out I will be starting chemo Monday morning at 9:45.  She said it would take about 5 hours.  Told me to bring my pillow and blanket and something for lunch as I would be there most of the day.  Doesn't that sound like fun.  Not. 

I'll let you all know how it goes....


  1. Why don't you take some of your crocheting? Something to keep your hands busy.... I do recommend you taking your favorite pillow and blanket.( they give the patients those here though) You may get a little chilly.... and you may want to nap. It's all good. They can do what they have to do without bugging you since you have the port.
    Oh, and don't judge all your chemo treatments based on how you do with this one Miss Millie. Your body is going to say.."What the F* " is this stuff. The first one is usually the hardest. By the second one, you know pretty much what side effects you're going to have. The third is when things just become standard. I believe you are going to do great hon! I really do!

  2. Yes I agree with Sparkiel on what she has said.Take something along with you when you start your chemo it does help. I had nothing I like taking. I was there about 8 hours at a time doing my chemo. Be Sure to drink lots and lots of water and juices. After the first treatment don't get scared because you know what coming and you just have to say I am doing this and I am gonna get threw this. And if you try your hardest and when times get hard take a deep breath say a prayer and know what your plan is. Your plan should be of getting well from the cancer demon and you can do it. Keep your loves ones near you and all your friends and family will praying that you will get better. Grab hold of something like your on the biggest ride of your life and come out on the other end saying I did do it.