Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Chemo Day 3

Here we are on day three.  Yesterday was like any other day.  Cleaned house, did the laundry, no big deal.  So far only one little side effect to the chemo.  I can't drink anything cold because when I do it feels like whatever I'm drinking is filled with tiny little shards of glass and they all hit me in the back of my throat.  That is only supposed to last about 5 days though.  I hope so because I would love an ice cold glass of tea right now!  I was also told that if I touched a cold car, or mailbox, or got something out of the freezer I would have to wear gloves.  I found out why last night.  We had bacon to make blts that was partially frozen.  I picked it up and felt like I had touched a live wire.  Little tiny shocks all through my fingertips where I was touching the bacon!  I dropped it really fast!  That was REALLY strange!!!!  But if those are the only side effects I have to live with temporarily I am very blessed indeed!

Sleep much better last night.  And I didn't wake up with my bandage all bloody from pulling on the tubing either.  Will be glad to get rid of this thing today.  I have any appointment at 2:30 for them to take it off and then give me a shot of whatever it is that is going to help raise my blood count.  That shot may give me bone pain, we'll see how it goes. 


  1. I am sooooo proud of you Millie!!!!

  2. oooo Neupogen! Toadman ( affectionately nicknamed Hubby)called them "Nitrogen " shots. He said they were cold and they burnt. But it all depended on what nurse gave him the injection too. Some of the girls warmed it in their hands first and he never felt it go in.

    Hubby did get the bone aches. Kinda feels like a bad ache when the weather changes....If you have artheritis (sp?) pain, it's not as bad as that. It's nothin' you can't handle kiddo!
    You are doing great!