Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Chemo Day 2

Felt fine last night. Didn't feel much different at all until about 8:30. Then my feet and legs just felt really sensitive. Around 9 I started feeling a bit nauseated so I took one of my $48 anti-nausea pills. Didn't really seem to do too much. Took my ambien and went to bed around 9:15. by 10:30 I still wasn't asleep. What's up with that? THought this stuff was supposed to make you tired!!! By 11:30 I was feeling even more nauseated and I had Mark go downstairs and get me a second nausea pill - the cheap 33 cent kind and took one of those. 15 minutes later I was asleep. Didn't last long. Really didn't get too much sleep last night at all.

I was afraid the fanny pack was going to make me crazy, but suprisingly it didn't. I chose to wear it around my waist on my back. Figured if I set it on the nightstand I'd get up in the middle of the night to go potty and would forget to pick it up! It was loose so when I turned over it just slid back down to rest on the bed. The bad news was when I got up this morning my shirt was all bloody and there was blood all around inside my bandage. Mark took the bandage off and cleaned up the blood. It looks like it was coming out of the scar above the port. I'll call my surgeon when the office opens this morning and see if that's normal. It doesn't appear to be bleeding any more.

Feeling ok so far this morning. Started the laundry. We'll see how much of it I actually get done.


  1. Hi Millie

    I hope the chemo isn't to hard on you. I hope and pray you sleep better I know sleeping can be hard at times and I sure know the feeling of being sick them pills never work for me either.

    That sure don't sound right about the port sounds like it tried to come loose or something but the doctors know more about them ports. I never had one so I couldn't say. They just stuck me witha IV every time I took my chemo.

    Hang in there do them treatments and fight fight and fight. Keep them positive thinking on going and we will keep sending prayers your way.

    Frank & Kathy