Monday, October 6, 2008

Chemo Day 1 - 10/6/08

Here I am about 10 this morning tied up to my chemo chair. Boy did I get tired of sitting there all day! So far so good. No filling sick or anything.
These are the slippers my wonderful Aunt Josie sent me. The green pair is a nice fall weight, and the light blues was are very warm for when I'm really feeling cold. They both feel really good on my feet.
The beautiful flowers are from Mark's bosses. They smell sooooo good.
This is the fun pouch I get to wear until Wednesday afternoon.
Don't know how I'll sleep but hey, it's only 2 days.


  1. Hey you got the FANNY PACK!!! HAHAHAH Cool!

    Marty just laid it on the nightstand when he slept. It was fine there. or if you have a headboard, kinda put it on there if you want to. I suggest to you though that you sleep with it on the opposite side of hubby. That way he won't get tangled in the lines. It never got in our way. ;OD

    Let's see... he also wore it under his shirt -- so a big comfy sweatshirt works wonders when you want to go out and about. We made the belt really small... duct taped it and he wore it hanging on his leather belt coz he hated the fanny pack feeling. The whole thing was kept hidden that way too.

    But as a girlie one would ever even question why you have a pack on. Seriously though... it does work a lot better if you keep the tubing under your shirt. It doesn't snag on stuff as easily and you won't have to worry about little ones grabbing onto it.

    You look good kiddo!