Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Neuropathy part 2

The neuropathy this chemo round is soooo much worse than the first round. I touched a cold bottle Monday night and could barely use my hand for the next 30 minutes. I can't touch anything that's even a little bit cool. But the worst part is my throat. I have to drink something warm to get my throat warmed up before I can swallow. And my lips and tongue are numb. When I went in today to get my pump removed and my neulasta shot I told Cathy my oncology nurse and she made me go in and see the doctor.

It was decided between the doc I saw today and my oncology doctor (he wasn't in the office, the guy I saw called him), that I should not be taking this drug. The reaction was too severe and it is possible that it would become permanent. Wouldn't that be lovely. Not. Good news is that after this I don't have to go through a week at a time not being able to drink anything cold. YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!

On the down side, the drug they will use instead my give me diaherra, but I'll take that over losing the use of my hands, not being able to swallow or drink anything cold any day! And he said they can give me something to counteract that so it's usually not a problem. So no Lori, I will NOT need depends!

All in all I'm feeling pretty good. Had a great visit with my mom and Aunt Josie, but it's chemo week and now I'm tired. My incredibly awesome hubby is doing laundry and making me dinner right now. I'm spoiled :)