Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday, September 2 - AM

Only a few more hours and then just maybe some definate decisions will be made. Praying that we well set up the treatment and I will know for sure when they will start and what will be done. Actually the big question of the day is "is it liver cancer or are the two spots just cysts?" And that will determine how we are going to treat my disease. The not knowing is definately the hardest part.

Have decided if they are going to do chemo and radiation and they tell me I'm going to lose my hair that I am going to have fun with it first. Mark and I are going to go and buy some funky red hair dye and I am going to dye it red. Then my girlfriend Sandy and I are going to go get really fun short, short haircuts. Something that I can just wash and not have to bother with while I'm in London and Paris. That way after I start treatment and it starts falling out I'm not going to care as much. And there will be less for Mark to shave when the time comes.....

There will be a couple of fun aspects to this process.

Come back later for all the latest!



  1. Millie,
    We are praying for you and know that God is going to do great things through you. Hang in there, He's right there with you.
    Julie @Love INC

  2. Millie,
    Know that we love you and we're praying that those spots are cysts. We prayed for you this morning at Love INC and will continue every day.
    Much love, Pat at Love INC