Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Surgery is over

Things went very well today. I can't say enough good things about the wonderful staff at CMC Mercy. The nurses and everyone was so kind and sweet. My left chest is sore and it's a bit painful to move my left arm, but all in all no problem.
I'm also exhausted so that's about all for tonight. Thank you all for your prayers and your support.
Before & After


  1. Oh Millie I am so glad to see ya have posted kind of had Kathy and I worried a bit. Yes I do imagine you are tired that is for sure. Well we are glad this part went well and prayers will still keep on going to you as you take you chemo and radiation treatments.
    Stay strong and keep that positive thinking on going.

    Frank & Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy!
    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog!

    My husband has a port in his right side chest. It really does make getting the chemo and even having bloodwork done so much easier on him. It's been 2 years now.
    I'm glad everything went well for you. Hope it heals up fast!