Friday, September 26, 2008


I have an appointment on Monday the 29th for my inital consultation with the oncologist. That is when we will definately set up my treatments. It's about time. I am so ready to start fighting this disease.

The hospital I'm dealing with has assigned me a cancer care advocate. Her name is Pam. She called me this morning. Seems like she is going to be a really helpful addition to my care team. When I told her I still hadn't heard from the oncologist she called me back with an appointment within 20 minutes. That's the kind of person I want on my side!

She also said they have all kinds of support - support groups, nutrition classes, etc that she can get me involved in should I wish to. Of course I wish to! I'm willing to do anything that is going to help me fight this disease!

I thank God for the people he has sent into my life to help me deal with this. It is awesome.


  1. Good, I'm glad to see you have an awesome support team behind you!
    Oh, and by the way, you have already begun fighting it.... looks to me like the emotional battle has been won. You are willing to fight it. So many others never even attempt to.

    I love your attitude!

  2. Well I hope you do well at the doctors today.
    I didn't like going to my cancer doctors after I started my treatments. It was really hard on me but I wanted to live and I wanted the cancer gone.And it is gone now hope to never see it again. I will be praying the doctors gets rid of your cancer as well. Been 3 years now for me to be cancer free.