Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25

Feeling pretty good. Stitches are on the inside and on the outside he superglued me together :) It doesn't feel too bad if I don't try to use my left arm. At this point i'm really grateful that he put it on the left side and not the right. My left arm hurts and I can't lift anything or lift it up toohigh. Didn't sleep too much last night. I was able to sleep during the time I was cuddled up to Mark's back and was able to put my left arm on top of him so that it took the stress off it. I wasn't allowed to take a sleeping pill, but I can tonight so I'll sleep better. I was also pretty sick late yesterday. I felt better after i threw up. It would have been nice had they told me to expect that. I had three different people call today and see how i was doing and they all told me that was normal. 2 from the hospital and one from doctors office. The nurses at cmc mercy were really nice and the one from the doctor's office has always been good to me.

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