Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wonderful Day

Saturday, August 30. Can't believe this is the end of August already. This summer has flown by. I called the surgeon's office yesterday and was told that it takes 5 - 7 days to get a pathology report and she didn't know why the doctor that did the liver biopsy told me they would have the report the next day. Oh well. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday, September 2 at 1:30 and we will decide on treatment from there. Knowing a time and date to make decisions has taken the anxiety away. I may not know the answer, but at least now I know when I'll know something. That helps a lot.

Have I mentioned I'm married to the most awesome man on the planet? He's not perfect, but he's as close to perfect as a male can be and not drive you crazy! I lvoe that man more than anything. He just somehow knows exactly how to support me in a way that brings out the very best in me. He's awesome. Thank you God for bringing him into my life.

I wonder just how many people have me on their prayer lists? I know it's quite a few. But the funny part is, that when I start getting anxious, if I remember to pray for myself it ALWAYS works. This is my prayer taken from the Scott Krippayne song "Sometimes He Calms The Storm," I pray that He will calm His child (me) and within hours He always does.

What a great day it has been. I'm learning to just enjoy being. Went to the fabric store. Simplicity patterns for $1.99! Woohoo! Bought 3! One for gift bags, one for shopping bags and one for snowman Christmas ornaments! How fun.

Then went to a festival. They had a quilt show there and it was wonderful looking at what other people had created. I want to learn to make a quilt. One of these days. I have 2 quilting books I pulled out and will start reading. I love walking around fairs and festivals looking at what other people have created. One gentleman had made mats for picture frames shaped into words like grandchildren, beach, mountains, etc. I have tons of pictures so I'm going to make my own for photo collages. That will be fun.

I just made a new purse for fall. Check it out.

Thanks for reading :)

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