Saturday, August 23, 2008


Thursday, August 7th my husband took me for my colonoscopy bright and eary. My appointment was for 7:20 am. As I wanted FOOD this was good. I was glad I didn't have to wait half the day! At this point I wasn't a bit worried.  I was pretty sure it was something small they would take care of and that would be the end of it. 

So they took me into the procedure room, his music was blasting - that was a good thing in my mind - I just wish I could remember what was playing.  Mark (my awesome hubby) heard the music but couldn't tell what it was from his position.  My question for Dr. Cyzner - "Are you excited to be at work today and looking forward to doing this?"  He looked surprised at my question and said he was.  I see some white something go through my iv tube and the next thing I know is I don't have a clue where I am and it's all over. 

My husband tells me that I had a whole long conversation with the Doctor and the nurse - mostly about being in pain - that I have absolutely no memory of.  I suddenly realize where I am and what is going on.  Don't hurt at all. 

Then the pictures.  He showed me this nice healthy looking colon, then a little, bitty polyp that he was easily able to remove.  Then he shows me this huge, ugly looking mass that he said was just too big for him to be able to take out.  He said he biopsied it.  I needed to go see a surgeon and have it surgically removed.  They would call me with an appointment to see a surgeon.  Ok. He didn't really make it sound like a big deal.  Whatever.  We go to surgeon, he takes it out, end of story.  I wish......

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