Monday, August 25, 2008

First visit to surgeon

Tuesday, August 19. Met Dr. Dobson the surgeon for the first time today. I really liked him. Young. Looks like he's about 12 years old. I told him that and asked him if he's ever done this surgery before. He said "no, but I've read about it." Got to love a doctor with a sense of humor. He said by the report from Dr. Cyzner should be just a really easy surgery with no side effects at all. He scheduled it for Friday. I have to go see him in his office on Thursday so he can take a look at the polyp and see exactly where it is and what he's dealing with. He also sent me for a CT scan and a lung x-ray just to make sure we weren't dealing with anything else. I went straight to the hospital from there and had them done so that's over with.

The CT scan was interesting. They injected me with dye and I could feel it working it's way through my body. When it got to my vagina I felt like I was peeing! It was the oddest feeling. The tech had warned me that was going to happen. What he didn't warn me about was that when it hit my stomach it was going to make me very nauseous. Wow. For a minute I thought I was going to lose it. But it passed quickly enough.

Now just wait till Thursday and see what happens from there.

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