Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Liver biopsy

Tuesday, August 26.  Well my liver biopsy was today.  Not at all what I expected.  Drugs are good!  my awesome husband took the day off work and took me.  I had to be there by 7:30 this morning.  They took me straight back had me put one of those fun little hospital gowns on (maybe I'll make my own and start taking it with me....).  Then someone came in and took blood to make sure my blood coagulated (sp?) right.  Another nurse came in and took my history down to how long it took my mother to give birth to me - at least it seemed that way- and I let her know I was having an anxiety attack and would she please give me some happy pills.  So she very nicely gave me two adivan.  That worked nice to ease my anxiety.

It only took the lab about 20 minutes to let them know my blood was fine.  So nice nurse came in and gave me some morphine.  Happy drugs.  Within 5 minutes I didn't care what they were going to do. 

The biopsy was a breeze.  I couldn't even feel the needle poking me when he numbed me up.  I was able to see the ultrasound and the assistant showed me the spot they wanted to biopsy.  If that's a small spot I'd hate to see a big one, but I think it was blown up larger for the doctor to see.  Morphine was awesome becuase I thought it fascinating watching the needle go into my liver and into the spot on the ultrasound.

The sucky part of a liver biopsy...after it's over you have to lay there pretty much still for FOUR HOURS!  At least they gave me something to drink immediatly after, and then two hours after brought me food because you can't eat before you do this. 

This was all done at Carolinas Medical Center Main and the people there were all wonderful.  We were treated very well.  Which is nice since I'll be back there tomorrow morning for my rectal ultrasound.  And the fun continues......

One other thing, I sleep most of the 4 hours I waited and have slept on and off all afternoon since I've been home.  I am exhausted.  Probably mentally and physically.  When they told me when the biopsy was it pretty much made my diagosis of cancer reality. 

So it's back to the couch for yet another nap while my fantasticly awesome hubby makes me dinner.

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