Tuesday, December 2, 2008

chemo 4 - different again

found out that the chemo drug Leucovorin they give me that is supposed to make the 5fu (the main chemo drug) work better is on national back order.  So they were going to try to get another newer drug in place of it.  Come to find out that is on back order too.  My onc said he wanted me to have chemo anyway....better to have the 5fu, Camptosar and Avastin than nothing.  So I go at noon today for my 4th treatment. 

Sitting here last night and playing with my hair I suddenly realized that there were an awful lot of strands in my fingers.  sigh.  So it's starting.  Who knows how much of it will go.  So I've decided that either today or tomorrow I am going to go get it cut short.  sigh.  Wonder if it will grow as fast after this is all over as it does now?  Have to wait and see I guess.  Hair is such a minor thing compared to death. 

I'll keep you all posted on how I'm feeling this week.



  1. Hey, girl,

    I just cannot imagine....

    Oh God, our Father,
    I feel so helpless, but I can stand in the gap for her. Put a hedge of protection around her heart and her thoughts.

    I ask that you come to your servant, Millie now. You say you are a very present help in times of need. I come to you on behalf of Millie who is suffering with cancer.
    Father, I ask in the name of your son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to touch and heal her. Distance is no problem for you Lord. Even as I pray, Lord you are with her. You are as close as the very breath she breaths, so I am asking you to touch her body and contine to heal her. With every strand of hair comes all the cancer cells falling off her body in droves.
    I thank you for the good reports we have heard from her and the good reports we will continue to hear and that strength and wholeness come to her this day. Thank you God for doing it!
    Let us hold fast to the faith that is a gift from you too without waivering because you are faithful to your promises. Thank you Lord Jesus.