Monday, November 17, 2008

New Drugs

Here we go again. Back to chemo. I sure enjoyed the time "off" to heal from the last one. As my dear husband said, i "want" to go so I can continue to heal. I have no problem with's the after effects I'm not looking forward to. I'm expecting the worst, nausea, diareaah, hair loss, and praying for the best, none of the above. But I'll tell you, after what the last treatment did to my hands and throat....I'd happily shave my head tomorrow to never have to go through that again. I still have a little trouble with my hands, and in the last week have started having trouble with pain and tingling in my toes. Nothing I can't handle, just more of an irritation than anything. But there is no way I want any more of that drug in my body. Not unless they told me it was the last resort. And then I'd find ways to deal with it.

The joys of cancer. This really isn't fun, but it is a bump in the road that will eventually be gone, and I am so grateful it isn't a lot worse as it is for so many others. So far the love, joy and peace that I have been given far outweighs the bad. And God has strengthened my faith greatly since this journey has began. Thank you God. I know that He will use this to His good.

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