Monday, November 17, 2008

Chemo - round 2 day 1

Chemo went well today. I'm kind of tired, but so far, no nausea and no diareaah. I'm sure it'll come, but so far so good. I'm stocked up with drugs and I won't hesitate to use them! The other advantage to the new chemo drug is they have to give it to me through an IV in my arm instead of through my port. That cut an hour and a half off the time I had to sit there getting chemo because they can do 2 drugs at once, one in my arm and one through my port. Yeah! I'm all for less time sitting in that chair hooked up to an iv!

Time to go take the third nap of the day.  I'm tired, but feel good! 


  1. Hi, Millie. My onc told me that if I had diarrhea then I could take lots of Immodium, many more that the label says you can take. I never had diarrhea (quite the opposite problem) but just in case I did stock up on a Costco size Kirkland brand of the same stuff.