Thursday, April 23, 2009


I saw the surgeon today.  He's still alive.  Barely.  What a waste of time.  He told me absolutely nothing except that he is going at lunch time to look at my PET scan to see if they can do a liver resection.  Grrrrr...he knew I was coming in this morning, why did he not do it yesterday so he could tell me something today?  He's going to call me at 5:00 tonight and let me know what he found out. 

Nothing like a little stress to start your day.....


  1. Aww Millie, that sucks! I think that sometimes Doctors get so caught up in their day to day business that they forget about the emotional roller coaster their patients are on. That is in no way intended to excuse the behavior - there is no excuse for it. But sometimes, like it or not, I think that we are viewed from a statistical as opposed to a human perspective.

    Stay strong! Sending you good wishes!

  2. Hurry up and wait ... you know how that goes ... please keep us posted.